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Bromley East Charter School Fundraiser

Here are images from my second Fundraiser session! There were so many families, some I knew some I didn't know. On this day alone, I had 8 families with a total of 39 people. I went home and wanted to sleep for days! But I didn't, I went to another fundraising event that night. And then got up the next morning to do another portrait shoot. Then I went home and tried to sleep as my children jumped all over me. And now that I am recovered, I am finally getting around to posting everything!

I had a wonderful time with everyone! And I hope to do it again!

Red Rocks Portrait Session; Debbie, Brian, Brianna and Logan

As Logan was running up the path we spotted a herd of deer - luckily they were afraid of him because he definitely was not afraid of them. Although it would have been cute to see him riding one up the hill, I'm not sure his parents would have been so keen with that. The colors were fabulous and we were very lucky to have such a mild November day. At one point, Brian said he was boiling.
Aren't they the cutest??

What you cannot see in these images is Debbie's high-heeled boots. They were fantastic boots, but I was so afraid she was going to fall down one of the steep slopes. Luckily, she knows how to walk in them - I would have broken something or someone in those boots!

Family Portrait Fundraiser, Brighton Colorado

Here are some images (finally!) of the first day of the Bromley East Charter School Fundraiser! I had a great, although quick, time with all the families - our sessions were 30 minutes each, kind of hard for me to do! It was fabulous! There were so many leaves and there was lots of playing to be done!