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Thornton Portraits, Maribel and Francisco

I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to do Maribel and Francisco's pictures because it would rain, stop, rain, stop.  And as tired as I was (I had photographed an adoption event, a wedding and a graduation before these guys) I really wanted it to happen!  Maribel was so excited about doing pictures and I love it when people are excited!  And it turns out they are used to clouds and rain - it rained on their engagement sitting and was cloudy on their wedding day.  I'm not saying it would work, but it might be worth scheduling these guys for a portrait shoot when clouds and rain are needed....  This little girl is so vibrant and full of spunk!  She is absolutely adorable!  She wanted to bring her dog and I was so glad!  Because she glowed when the dog was around!

 It was so funny, they had tied the dog up to take some pictures without her, but she had different plans and escaped to come crawl all over their laps.

 Maribel and Francisco were an absolute delight!  They …

Denver Weddings, Heather and Joshua Wedding

I am so glad to have these up!  I almost had them done last night until I realized it was my own 18th wedding anniversary and neither my husband or I had taken any notice.  So, today in between having countertops installed, in-laws arriving from out of town, graduation planning (eeeek!  My daughter is graduating high school this week!) and a big photo shoot this morning I have finally finished them! 
Heather and Joshua's wedding was amazing!  They had so many wonderful people doing so much for them.  It was marvelous to see so many people working together. They got married at the Church Ranch Event Center and it was gorgeous!  The weather was perfect, maybe a little cold, but not too bad!  It was just perfect.

 I love Heather's dress!  I wish they had had dresses like this when I got married!  It was so fun and playful and looked stunning on Heather! (And her daughter too!  So cute!)

 These guys were so much fun!  Not the typical disappearing groomsmen!  They were so lively …