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Grace and Ryan

Grace and Ryan are direct opposites, Grace loves the camera and Ryan dislikes it. I thought it would be easier to photograph Ryan outside where he could roam and play around. Ryan was more responsive than he had been in the studio - and he looked adorable with his snakes dangling from his hands! And of course Grace had a wonderful time too!

In the studio, Grace had such a good time. She was all smiles and grins! Ryan is so lucky to have a good natured sister!


Gabriela was very open to just anything! She climbed on logs, walked into tall dead grasses and took off her shoes and splashed around in a lake on a very cold day. It was lots of fun!

Her dad came along making her smile... and frown occasionally. One of the greatest things about having parents along is that they know what a real smile looks like and they can usually make their kids giggle.

I love these dead red grasses! It really made the background interesting.

Lorraine, Craig and Maddux

You know that thing your mom does that makes you go "MOM!!!!!"

This would be Maddux and his family - if you can't tell, he's the first baby. He is loved beyond belief, like all children should be! They all adore him and if he knew how adored he is - and he could talk - they would give him anything he wanted. Well, maybe not, he did want to sleep and not take pictures, but his parents weren't going for it - poor little bugger!

This cute little thing would be Carmine the Attractor! He was the cutest thing ever according to the girls at the park - Maddux wasn't on a leash or on the ground, so I can see how they made that mistake. Oh! The lady with Carmine is Stephanie the Leash Holder (Lorraine's sister).