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Denver Botanic Gardens Wedding, Cheri and Nick

Cheri and Nick were married at the Botanic Gardens in Denver. I met them there the day before and it was bright, bright, bright sun and HOT! I was slightly dreading the ceremony with full sun on a white dress... But lucky, lucky day! It was 102 and full sun on the drive down, but the closer I got, the cloudier it became. It turned out to be absolutely gorgeous and we had perfect light! It was perfect!

Isn't she just adorable?

He's pretty darn cute too!
Cheri was so wonderful, she was very relaxed and happy to be surrounded by friends and family.

I loved this arched way so much! It was incredibly beautiful!

Brighton Portrait; Veteran's Park; Joanna, Matthew, Ezekiel, Samuel and Ella

I photographed Joanna and Matthew's wedding, in fact it was the first wedding I was paid to do! It was great fun to see them again! And they have one of cutest families ever! Ezekiel, the red head, was very patient and always did what I asked. Samuel on the other hand, had to think about what I asked, and he then put his own spin on the whole thing. Ella, being a baby can do whatever she wants at all times and I will still think she is adorable. I thought they were very fun to be around and I really wish I could have spent more time hanging out with them! I love how Samuel is checking out how Ezekiel is doing on his side of the monstrous dandelion!

I photographed some tutus today! It was quite fun, the images didn't quite turn out the way I wanted since I was sorely unprepared. What I should have taken - three six foot plus individuals, various colored ribbons, a tree with symmetrical branches that are small enough for a hanger to fit over and a bag of butterflies. But as I was lacking in these items and I didn't really have much of a plan, this is what I created while being eaten by a hundred mosquitoes.

These wonderful tutus are made by Samantha at Jell E Bean Designs! She has a wonderful imagination for color and design! My favorite is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tutu!

There were these wonderful posts in the river nearby and I really wanted to put the tutus on them, but the water was too high for me to wade through. But it gave me this wonderful idea to put the tutus on the trees - which I think ended up working better (and I didn't get wet or fall in).
This is a close up of the corner of the Teenage Mut…