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Golden Senior Pictures, Kyra and Matt

My nephew, my sweet little nephew, that is really not so little (he may tower over me a little.  Or a lot...) is a High School Senior this year.  I cannot believe how quickly he went from a cute baby that was so loud at my brother-in-laws high school band concert that some woman turned around and told him (a baby) to be quiet, to a high school senior himself!  It's mind blowing! I was lucky enough to do his pictures and his girl friend Kyra's pictures!  I had such a good time hanging out with them!  We walked around Golden and did pictures around the Golden Historic Park and then went to lunch and did some more.  It was fabulous!

 I love this one!
 I love this one!
 I love Kyra feeding the chickens!  When I asked Matt if he wanted to feed the chickens too, he said that was a bit morbid because he felt like he was just making his food fatter. But it was ok for Kyra because she is a vegetarian - this totally made me laugh!  And I will never look at feeding chickens the same aga…

Boulder Senior Pictures, Cristal

I loved doing Cristal's pictures!  I did her First Communion pictures and she was just the cutest little girl!  So, I was really excited to do her senior pictures!  She was so nervous (I have no idea why!  She did such a fabulous job with posing and all that!) and half way through the session, on outfit #2, she locked the keys in her car.  I felt sooo bad for her!  Her dad had to drive up and then they ended up calling a lock smith anyway.  But had that not happened, we wouldn't have ended up at the Boulder Library - and I found some amazing spots to do pictures there!  Inside and outside!  It was such a great fumble!  I was having a hard time feeling bad for her locking her keys in the car...

 I love this one!
 Here is the library!  I loved this spot!

 I love these on the bridge!

 While they were waiting for the lock smith, I went to lunch and we were going to see if we could finish the session that day or do it another day.  But they were able to get into the car as I was f…