Lafayette High School Senior Pictures, Drew

I sure have been at Waneka Lake a lot lately!  I love it here because there are so many different locations!  We were lucky that it wasn't too hot that day because it has been super hot!  Poor Drew when he put his letter jacket on though!  He was much warmer than us then!

Drew has such a great smile!  I had done his sister's senior pictures a few years ago, I loved her session so much!  And Drew's was just as great!  Drew was much quieter than Katey, but that's kind of how boys are!  Drew was so down to earth and mellow.  He made it so easy to photograph him! 

 I know sometimes parents don't like the non-smiling pictures, but I think Drew has nailed it!  He is a great non-smiler!

 I love these with him standing in the water!  I was so glad he was willing to take his shoes off and get in the water!

 I love this one with his mom and him!

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