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Denver High School Seniors, Brennan

I know I've said (many times) that I will never go back to this alley... but I really do love this alley!  AND!  We did walk around a little bit more than I usually do.  There were some really cool places that we found.  This is such an amazing neighborhood!  I am so sad that it is changing so much.  But, I do love the images we got with Brennan!  And I suppose there are still some cool things in the neighborhood.

 I love this wall!  And it was perfect because Brennan loves Mario.    This was such a fluke that there was this beautiful foliage!  I know that his mom will really appreciate having something besides urban.    Brennan loved this wall, I didn't really like that it was in full sun, but I do kind of like them.  I loved this spot!
 One of the things I love about doing Senior Pictures is talking to them about what they are going to do after high school.  Some of them know what they are going to do and some are super excited about what they are going to do.  And Brennan …

Denver Family Portraits, Sam and her girls

Oh what can I say about Sam and her girls??  They are all just marvelous and wonderful human beings.  The girls are all so different, each of them has an incredibly vibrant and endearing personality!  And they all such great hair! It was really cold that morning and instead of complaining, they shared jackets and blankets and cuddled up and kept each other warm.  It was really so sweet!  I love these amazing colors in the trees!  I think this weekend was the perfect weekend for fall colors!  I just love these girls!  They were all cracking me up!

 Awwww!  Sisters!  They are so lucky to have each other!
 I love LOVE this picture of Sam!  She is so stunning!
 I love these!  They are just precious!  They thought the LOVE sign was so much fun.  And then they thought it would be fun to fight over it!  So goofy!
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Boulder Family Pictures, Kattie and Miguel

We did Kattie and Miguel's family pictures at Eldorado State Park and it was amazing!  It didn't quite start off amazing, it was so windy.  Crazy windy.  On my way there some of the trees were almost side ways, I kept hoping that it would stop... the forecast said it was going to stop...  It sort of  slowed down when we started, but there were still gusts...  We were able to find a spot where there wasn't any wind and then just like the forecast predicted at 6pm, when the sun went down, the wind stopped.  Just stopped, like the sun was the reason.  It was amazing!  And we had the perfect weather!  But I knew we only had about a half hour before we lost all the light - and with that many people, it was a quick timeline!  This family!  They are such a marvelous group!  So much fun and love here!

 I love this one!

 I just adore these guys!  Such a crazy fun family! I love this!
I love these of all the kids!  They are all so different and unique and amazing individuals!  I w…

Thornton Family Portraits, Christina and Eli

I was really excited to be doing Christina and Eli's pictures again!  And then the morning came and there was so much fog I could only see 20-30 feet in front of my car.  As much as I would love to do a portrait shoot in the fog, I know that not everyone would like that look.  So, we waited for the fog to lift and got some wonderful light!  We were doing pictures at East Lake Park and I was hoping there would still be some lingering fog on the lake, but it cleared by the time we were near the water.  It was amazing how it went from looking like this to clear and sunny.  

 I love to see what people wear to their portrait session (especially thees guys!  There last session, they dressed amazing!) and I think that they did a fabulous job with their colors!  And we were so lucky to still have leaves on the trees!  There was so much wind a few days previous that so many of the trees where we were had very few leaves.  These two boys are just the cutest!  They are so sweet and just awe…