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Broomfield Family Portraits, Desiree and Todd

I was photographing Desiree, Todd and their daughter for a neighborhood magazine when Desiree asked me if her brother could be part of the session.  I was so excited that she wanted to include her brother!  I love it when siblings are still so close as adults!

 I love these!  They are so cute together!  I love this one!  They all have such beautiful smiles!

These two are so sweet!  I just adored them, there was so much laughter and awkward smiles.  My favorite!

 I just love this one so much!  You can't ask someone to have such happiness on their faces, it just happens.  Desiree and Todd had an image taken on their 5th wedding anniversary that was just stunning and they have tried to re-create it every 5 years since.  In the last picture, their daughter was so tiny!  I was thinking something else needed to be done, so we did the re-creation and then tried something new!
What an amazing family!  They were just so sweet and appreciative!  We had to work quick because the little one had a short attention span for taking pictures, although if I had let her take the pictures she would have lasted a little bit longer.  She was very adamant that she take the pictures and not be in them and all the bribing I tried didn't really work.

 He was so sweet!  As I was leaving he said "thank you!  You are a great photographer!"  I was so touched!  I could have photographed her all day long!  She was just so amazing!  She was the greatest big sister and helped get the little one to cooperate.  Her and her brother were just the greatest in helping out! 
 I love this one!  As I was trying to get the little one to smile, her brother popped over and that is what made her smile.  The amount of bribing it took to get this was so crazy, I am so glad we got something!  Because we all worked so hard to get the little one to smile.

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Newborn Photography, Isla

Meet my sweet, precious grand baby.  She is just perfect!  And one of the first babies in a long time that stayed asleep while we did pictures.  When she did wake up, she was so easy to put back to sleep, it was so perfect!  I am so in love with her!  She did keep wiggling out of the wrap, I would have her hands so perfect at the top and her legs so perfect at the bottom, but she would just wiggle right out.  Our whole family is so love with her!

 I love this one!

 This was about the time that she wouldn't stay asleep.  But the dogs swooped in and tried to help, they weren't the greatest of help, but I appreciated the attempt.

 Here are the helpers!