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Baptism Photography, The Little R Man

I am so glad to be getting this up before my whirlwind weekend.  I start out in Eaton, Co and then go to Greeley, back to Brighton and then off to Red Rocks tomorrow.  It will be a crazy day and this is the last thing I needed to Blog before tomorrow.
So the little R man's Baptism was fabulous.  He was surrounded by people who love and adore him so much.  I had done his sister's Baptism and his other sister's Confirmation and I was very happy to photograph his big day too!     

 I love this!  She is so precocious!
 Love his little look!
 The thing I love about this image is the absolute in the moment, being a kid and unaware of anything other than the game they are playing at the moment.  And this is what I love the most about large family pictures - the before.  All the prep we do to get ready for the "real" image. 

Brighton Senior Pictures, Michelle

Here is Michelle's take 2!  The first time we met, there was a massive down pour and we had to reschedule her sitting.  This time, it was sunny and on it's way to hot. 

 I love this image!  I hope Michelle thinks it is as stunning as I do!
 We were recreating an image she took when she was younger.  Her mom said she was leaning up against a tree, with her arms crossed and a look that said she wasn't about to do anything.  I always think it is fun recreate images and then compare and contrast!  After our session, I was thinking about this image of my daughter when she was about 3 - her arms were crossed and she was leaning into a pillar at Cheeseman park crying.  But somehow, I don't think it would be so cute to recreate that one.

Horizon High School Senior Portraits, Abby

I always love referrals and Abby was referred by one of my brides, it was awesome!  And she was a total sweetheart.  We met near a strip mall, and both her and her mom were a little confused about the place.  But when they saw where we were going, they were very pleased.  And really so was I!  I was a little worried about light, but it really worked out wonderfully.  And her mom was great about holding my scrim for shade.
 I loved this field with the grasses and one of the best things was there were no goat heads or cockelburs.  Just a couple of sticky weeds and cactus's, but those could be avoided.  And it was a great spot for pictures on top of that!  Abby was very easygoing and fun to photograph!

 I tried to have her not smile in the beginning, but it just made her smile more.  Towards the end she tried again and it worked!

Brighton Senior Pictures, Michelle

Michelle's session was a lively one!  It had started to rain an hour or so before her session, cleared up and then shortly after we started, the sky opened up and dumped on us for about 15 minutes.  Crazy weather!  We had to reschedule because the humidity took all the curl out of her hair.  At one point there was thunder and lightening and Michelle, her dad and I were huddeled under a tree.  It occured to me that that wasn't the safest place to be...  But getting soaked didn't sound so great either - I know being smushed by a tree or a little water -which could possibly be worse?

 One of the greatest things about rain, is that it makes the colors so saturated!  And with her blue sweater, it really brings out her eyes!

 Here comes the rain!  Water was dripping off my nose when I finally got in my car and I shivered aaaaallllllll the way home!

Boulder Senior Pictures, Ashlie

Ashlie is such a sweet girl and just a little bit shy.  I did her friend Rachel's Senior Pictures and she told me how wonderful Ashlie was - I just love glowing recommendations from friends!  I was very lucky to have 2 friends helping me out with her session, I do have to say how strange it was not to be carrying everything and to have someone there to help with lenses, umbrellas and the like.  Boulder Creek was perfect that day!  Not too high and not too low!  I wish I could keep it that way for the rest of the season.  Maybe a little bit warmer, it was very chilly in the water.

 I love this image!
 Aren't those the coolest boots ever???  At this point, the water was very cold!  But when I climbed out and my legs started to prickle, I kind of wanted to go back in the water.  I don't know how Ashlie's legs and toes were holding up, but mine were quite angry with me.  And actually I'm surprised that Ashlie doesn't have more of 'what are doing???' look o…