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Brighton Senior Portraits, Haley

I loved everything about Haley's session!  The light!  The location!  Haley!  It was wonderful.  She was so willing and excited to be doing pictures.  When they first called, she  knew what she wanted to do.  She wanted a red barn and railroad tracks.  It took me days to think of the Berry Patch Farms, the very big red barn I see at least 5 times a week, but still it took a bit to think of it. 

 I don't remember the cat's name, but they said he could be crabby and may scratch.  But even with his crabbiness, he followed us around and rubbed up against our legs asking us to pet him.  Good thing I've seen the Sad Cat Diaries, or I may have fallen for it (there may be bad language in the video, just in case you are squeamish around bad language.)  Haley was so sweet.  Her mom had this wonderful outlook on teenagers, I really appreciated it.  She said, why put so much pressure on them when they are in high school, they have the rest of their lives for that.  I could tell H…

Brighton High School Seniors, Mitchel

It is summer!  And because it is that time of year, I have been so super busy!  All week all I wanted to do was take the kids to the pool and try and enjoy the last sliver of summer we have together.  And  tomorrow is my youngest kiddo's 10th birthday and I have been trying so hard to get all my work done before all the festivities begin!  Crossing my fingers...  It is already 11pm - here's to hoping the Photoshop fairies hear my pleas! So with no more chatter, here are some images from Mitchel's Senior Portrait session!  He had a short session, you know being a guy they don't always go for the longer sessions, but I always worry I'll get a non-smiler. But Mitchel was great, he had a very nice smile and non-smiling face!  I have been very lucky this year to have such easy going, comfortable and easy to work with teens!  I loved the Corvette pictures!  For reasons I don't understand, I don't have a corvette... This really must be remedied!

Golden High School Senior Pictures, Adrienne

The weather couldn't have been more perfect on Adrienne's session!  It had been a hot day, but as the sun went down it started to cool off.  Which is good, because this field tends to be hot, hot, hot and full of sun.  Adrienne is so full of life and excited about so many things!  Such a joy to be around!  It was great talking to her about so many different things.

 I love these images of her and her friend running through the grass!  They have known each other since (I believe, I may have forgotten this detail!) second grade.  Can you imagine??  I think I remember some of my friend's names from second grade, but I am not positive.  They both want to be Anasthesiologists.  I thought it was wonderful that they are thinking ahead of their Senior year and planning for the future, even if it doesn't work out, that planning and dreaming is awesome!

 We went downtown after the field and I was so prepared with extra flashes and reflectors to make sure we had enough light....…

Denver High School Senior Photography, Lexe

Here is the second half of Lexe's Senior Pictures!  She is such a fabulous girl to work with!  We had a bit of panic time as we were taking photos and it started to rain, we hid out under a bridge and waited to for the rain to pass over.  I was really hoping for a rainbow afterwards, but no such luck!

 I love these with her and her friend!