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Boulder, Colorado Engagement Sitting, Jess and Adam

This is the engagement session for Jessica and Adam, they are getting married in May and I cannot wait!  This was their 3rd or 4th engagement sitting, I know it sounds strange, but they won a couple of sittings at wedding shows.  It was awesome, they were like old pros at it!  Sometimes I meet couples that fit like puzzle pieces and these 2 definitely are like that!

I love it!  I told Adam to pick up Jess and spin her around and when he put her down, she picked him and twirled him around.  It was awesome!

 We were walking down Pearl Street and this little dog was running around, alluding his owner.  The dog would wait for him to get close, then he would dart away making his master follow.   It was very cute!

 This was the icing on the cake!  At our last stop, the man with the guitar accosted my assistant (it was really my husband, who was being very helpful!) asking him what song he should sing next, wanting a dollar or two and wanting to know what was in the blue bag.  From my vanta…

New Mexico

I feel like I have been ignoring my blog... Well, probably everything! This time of year is definitely slow and after the holidays, it's hard to get going again! This year was particularly hard, there has been so much sickness in our house that I keep loosing my focus like a cat loosing the string! I am hoping we are all done with the sickness...

I thought I would share some of my photographs from our little trip to New Mexico. We left Nick home... by himself... all by himself, kind of freaked me out! Just a little bit! He did great-ish, there was quite a mess and several 2 liters of pop all over. But that's pretty darn good for a teenager I guess. He and his friend Brent put together a large fort, you can check out their video here - it is pretty cool!

 We really went to see the Luminaries, they are quite wonderful!  But we missed the best show, that is Christmas Eve in Santa Fe (I suppose other places too, but Santa Fe's is fabulous!).  I was so glad that ma…

Brighton Kids Portrait, Ryker

You may remember Ryker from previous posts, I have done his mom's pregnant belly (which you would have never thought he would be sooo big from her little belly!), his newborn pictures, his 3 and 6 months and now he is 9 months!  He is such the curious little one!  Every time he comes to get his picture taken he is too busy looking around to pay attention to me and what we are doing.  Bittannie must get the best work out trying to get him to smile, she is always behind me jumping up and down and making all kinds of noises - I have no idea why I don't have pictures of this!
 Isn't he just adorable???

 Love the smile (when he actually smiles!)
 He was very interested in the sticks and the grass and the dirt, but looking at me.... well, not so much!