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Brighton, Colorado Senior Pictures, Payton

Payton is one of our Senior Models this year.  We did a mini-session a couple of months ago with her snow board and some small amounts of snow - if we had known how much it would snow in the Spring, we would have waited.  On this excursion, we went downtown with her friend Sabra (I hope I am spelling that right).  We were very lucky, we dodged this huge black cloud that started to rain on us for a second and then cleared out and brought back lots of sunshine and then just as we were ending the Rockies game let out. 

 I love this image!

 I think this is one of my favorites!  And here is where all the people started to show up - I am thinking the Rockies lost that day because it was a very somber crowd.

Denver Engagement Photography, Elizabeth and Eddie

Elizabeth and Eddie are such a wonderful couple.  They were very willing to do what I asked.  They knew how to cuddle and when I asked them to kiss there were no eye rolls, frowns or moans.  It amazes me how often that can happen on an engagement shoot.  We had a fantastic time wandering around downtown, I could have gone on for hours longer, but I knew I would only spend more time behind a desk, so I opted to stop.  Oh, and it was quitting time so there were loads more people on the street too. 
Rocket Fizz just happens to be one of my favorite places ever!  And we happened to be near it, so I thought how perfect, we buy a soda, they drink it and it will fun!  And it was, I was a little bummed the spot I picked for them to sit at was taken by people that wished to sit in the shade on a slightly hot day.  So they stood instead.  I had done Elizabeth's Senior Pictures years ago, and when Eddie got the Coke she reminded me that we took a picture of her in front of Coke mural on the …

Colorado Portrait Photography, Ryker's 2 year pictures

I have been thinking a lot about my own little one's and their toddlerhood.  I don't think I appreciated it as much as I could have.  With graduations and the end of school and the soon not so far off start of new grades, I wish I could have a day or two of babyhood, toddlerdom, and pre-school back.  I miss that little hand that wiggles into mine, wants to hold mine, and the small little arms that circle around my neck with the cuddly head soon to follow.  Oh how I miss those times.  And it seems like maybe I couldn't wait for them to grown up a little bit more so that I didn't have to do everything for them.  So, with those thoughts, I have been loving my time with the little one's this last week.  Even when they don't cooperate, run away and don't smile.  I do love a defiant toddler!  I didn't then, but I have a teenager now, so I'd take a toddler again any day!  And Ryker definitely kept me going!  We walked and walked and occasionally took pict…