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Colorado Portrait Photography, Zori and Ben

This little cutie was absolutely a delight to photograph! She was so in love with her mom, every time she heard her mom's voice, her eyes lit up.  She was so very curious about things and she would look with those really big beautiful eyes and I would almost forget to take pictures.  She was just so precious!  She really liked those fingers! Mmmmmm!
 Zori's mom made this outfit for the baby, I couldn't believe how adorable it was!  And it looks so good!

 Awwww!  To be so in love!  I went home after this session and appreciated my kids a little bit more.  Not that I don't appreciate them, it's just easy to forget how wonderful they are when they when they are teenagers!

 We did these pictures at Ben's moms house.  She was so gracious to allow me to bring all my equipment and move it all over the house!  As I was packing up, the baby fell asleep in grandma's arms.  At first I wasn't going to get my camera out, but I just loved this moment so much!  I am …

Colorado Portrait Photography, Michelle and Nathan

The day we did Michelle and Nathan's family pictures it was so windy!  Luckily, we were able to find some spots where there wasn't much wind.  However, I think it was harder to dodge all the other photographers!  There was a herd of them!  I figured there wouldn't be so many still milling around in November.  But there they were!  I really need to find some new spots that are just mine again!  But I do love this spot!  The old buildings are so much fun and they decorate them so nice during the holidays. Michelle and her family were just lovely!  Their daughter tortured her little brother by tickling him (to get him to smile), just like every good sister should.  He tortured her by stealing her jacket and wearing it.  Because what else would a good little brother do??  It made me giggle how cute they were.

 I love this photo!  The kissing ones are always so wonderful!

Colorado Portrait Photography, mostly Corbin and some with his siblings

Here is a sneak peak of Corbin's 9 month pictures.  He has such an adorable smile!  Can make anyone's bad day better!  So cute!
 Corbin's mom really wanted the pictures to be mostly about Corbin, we try every time to do pictures with his older sister and brother.  And every time, Aiden runs off or squirms away.  But we keep trying.  And this is how it usually ends up - a rogue kiddo and 2 sitting nice kiddos.  But that's ok, that's how I get the best pictures of Aiden - as he runs away.  This is one of my favorite images of Corbin!  Just look at those curls.  Well, maybe this is one of my favorites!  I love this outfit! So very precious!  This may be the second picture I have ever gotten of all three of them sitting together!  Success!  I am not going to say it's a great picture, but so on the way to being perfect! Yay!

Brighton, Colorado High School Senior Pictures, Joy

I am sure Joy is wondering where her pictures are!  Her mom told me that she very different and had all these props she wanted to use.  I was so excited!  I love props!  All the props were very vintage and it got me to thinking about how to add a different element of vintage.  So, I brought a white sheet to hold up behind her and I was going to find a vintage street scene photograph at an Antique store.  Way easier thought than actually done.  I went to several Antique stores in Denver and couldn't find what I was looking for, I bought a few postcards, but no photographs.  Then I went to an Antique store in Lafayette where I knew they had a lot of photographs.  Turns out they were removed.  I bought a few postcards and few a Stereoscope images.  They didn't work out so well.  I went back and combed through everything again.  I found a photographic post card of The Piazzetta and that seems to have been the best one, but I keep thinking and looking.  As I was creating these ima…

Colorado Family Portraits, Amanda and Colby

This little girls has totally captured my heart!  Since the first time I met her, I was taken.  It helps that on her first year pictures, she cooperated and held my hand, waved at me and smiled a whole lot!  Now she is three and I'm just not sure where all the time has gone.  She is still just as delightful and absolutely wonderful!  Such a sister thing - 'let's go this way!'  'no I want to go this way!'  'come on, this way!'  Pull, tug, pull, fall over and start again!

 I love the kissing pictures!  The girls however could have cared less about what I was doing or what their parents were doing or what we wanted them to do.  But still, it is such a sweet moment for mom and dad! To check out more work, visit our website at  Or for more information on Weddings, Portraits, Senior Pictures, or other various photographic needs contact Natalie at 720.837.5378 or

Prairie View High School Seniors, Phylicia

I know it is hard to believe I am still blogging High School Seniors!  That is how far behind I am!  I really don't like rushing things and I have been finding myself rushing, rushing!  I do hope to catch up and have everyone's images blogged and galleries done soon!  Phylicia's Senior Pictures were done on a beautiful day, it was such a great fall day.  The first day we had scheduled we had to cancel because of rain, I was really worried that we may not get a better day, but I was wrong.  Phylicia was such a great girl to work with!  She was pleasant and a great conversationalist.  I love that she wanted to do pictures with her Chicago Bulls jersey (I really hope it's the Bulls!  I didn't have time to verify the jersey on google....)  I think it is so marvelous when kids bring things they like and are part of who they are.
 I loved this spot, it was such an unusual spot and had such great light and pretty colors!  I think this is one of my favorite images!  Near…