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Brighton Portraits, Verenice's wonderful family

Verenice's family wanted to do pictures for their mom, which is so sweet!  It was amazing that we were able to find a time that worked for all of us!  They were all very vibrant and exciting!  The kids had a wonderful time playing in the leaves and I of course had a fabulous time photographing them.

These were the greatest!

 I love the yellow and how it glowed that afternoon!

 Aren't they adorable???

Boulder Pictures, Lindsey

This is the fabulous Lindsey, I hope I'm spelling your name right Lindsey!  She is training for an Ironman competition, so very exciting!  We took these images for her brochure for sponsorship.  We will be taking more in the near future with her bike and swimming.  This is so very cool!  Go Lindsey!

 I love this image!

Golden Family Pictures, The Amazing D Family

These guys are amazing (and I'm not just saying that because their oldest is my youngests best friend).  They really are wonderful people.  It was quite the adventure with these 3 little boys!
 The boys weren't really into having their pictures taken, but they kept giggling and looking behind me.  So I turned around and this is what I saw!  Too funny!  This is about the only image I got of them running, because right after I took this one Tyler and Zach were dragging poor Owen across the ground.  That pretty much stopped the rambunctiousness.  Aren't they stupendous???

 Awwww!  Mommy time!
 No Daddy!  No!  No kisses!  Zach was very sweet and picked these tiny, little white flowers for his mom.  So cute!

 As we were photographing Sarah and Ryan, Tyler decided that would be the best time to smile.  He was very excited about having his picture taken then!

 So GQ back off!  I photographed him first!  You may think this is cute...  But you would be wrong.  He was actually tryi…

Boulder Senior Pictures, Karina

Karina is such a sweet young lady!  We were supposed to do her Senior Pictures the weekend before, but we were rained out.  I think we were lucky because the colors were absolutely perfect!  And the colors she chose went so well with the fall colors!  We did have some craziness...  Part way through the session, a bunch of people showed up in the parking lot.  They were lining up, very orderly.  I thought is was a race or something, but it was obvious that they were homeless, so I was a little confused.  Karina's mom thought it might be a protest of some kind.  We couldn't figure it out.  Then a truck with emergency supplies showed to feed them and hand other supplies.  I thought it was so strange how low key and quiet they all were!  A good thing because poor Karina was changing clothes in the car.

 I love this image!  She looks fabulous!

 And I really LOVE this image!  Her eyes match her clothes so well and the light on her hair is wonderful!

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