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Golden Portrait Photography, Susan Eagle and her wonderful family

I couldn't think of a better way to start the Thanksgiving days!  Susan's grown kids came home to have Thanksgiving with her and I could feel the festive excitement just being around them.  It just added to my own excitement.  And what a perfect day it was, it was in the 50's and very pleasant weather.  And the light was so fantastic!  Luckily, I brought Makaela with me just in case I needed someone to shade them.  Instead, I ended up shooting toward the sun and she shaded my lens the entire time.  I was so glad she was there!
Squish!   I love the light here!  But it was so hard to deal with!  I could have done all of the family pictures with sun flare, but my experience is not that many people don't like sun flare.  They would rather see their faces.  Mmmmmm.....  Aren't they just adorable???

 Susan's son and his husband came all the way from England for Thanksgiving!  They seemed awfully awake and on it for the time change, I think I would have been drool…

Adams County Divas Toy Drive

I am going to try something different, but still photography driven of course!  I will be selling Scrabble Tiles necklaces at The Adams County Divas Toy Drive.  I usually photograph these events, so this time I will be photographing from behind the table while trying to sell my new necklaces!  I am very excited, these necklaces are so much fun and some of them even have my images on them!  I would love to see you there!  There will be several holiday gift ideas there!

Brighton Portrait Photography, The Schmeh's

I have known Brandi for years, our daughter's were in dance together when they were little little.  We didn't really "know" each other, but we saw each other.  I remember when Andrew was born, partially because my son Aidan was born around the same time.  I have done their family pictures for the last 4 years and they have this wonderful tradition of photographing themselves from the back to show how much they've grown.  I love doing the photo and until this year it didn't change too much.  But now, Riley is quickly gaining on Brandi and Gavin is quickly gaining on Riley.  For the first 2 years, they were the perfect stepping stairs and now they are starting to even out.  I can't wait for year 10!  It will be amazing, provided Riley and Gavin are around for pictures at all!
 Poor Riley!  She is definitely at that age where she is realizing she is a young woman and not just a kid.  But her brother's still think she is just like them, only they can pu…

Brighton Portraits, Sydney and Tim

For Sydney and Tim's session, we were supposed to do it the weekend before, but it was snowing and drizzly rain so we had to reschedule.  This day turned out way better and it was such a pleasant weather.  This session was a fundraiser for SeaCamp for Bromley East Charter School.  I love doing this fundraiser every year, it is such a great time to meet other parents at my kiddos school.  These guys were funny and goofy!  It was so great!
 Ethan was such a sport!  And did just about everything I asked, so rare in an adolescent boy - oh wait that is just my kids...
 I love this image!  And this image too!  Total goofballs!

Denver Portrait Photography, Broddy and baby Paige

So as I try to muddle out of my turkey comma and get some work done...  I thought I'd start small and do some blogging.  As much as I didn't get what I really wanted out of this session, it was wonderful.  Broddy, being 2 and non-cooperative is very lucky to have such a marvelous mom!  He wasn't cooperating, and she talked to him in a calm voice, never lost it and just said well if we don't get him we'll get some of the baby.  I really appreciated that.  Mostly because he is a kid and could care less about what we were doing and he shouldn't be forced into doing it.  And secondly, she just saved Broddy from a life time of hating family pictures.   I thought she was amazing, I'm pretty sure I would have been so frustrated and raising my voice - especially being sleep deprived.  So kuddos Julie!  There were probably 3 minutes of sweetness and I should have brought out my super powerful 1,000 frames per second camera (I don't really have one, but sometime…