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Meet Aidan and Olivia! They are cousins, but act like an old married couple. They bicker and fight one minute and then they are off playing like nothing happened the next. They are very cute and frustrating at times, and I would know because Aidan is my youngest. We tend to not let these two out of our sight for long (there is a story about them in a locked bathroom, I won't get into it. But let's just say there was no more toilet paper and the toilet wouldn't flush.) I had asked them to hug, and this was the best image. The other's their faces were unrecognizable and squished against each other.
Isn't she just so sweet looking??? But don't let that fool you! I'm pretty sure she will be the wild, crazy one when she grows up.

I believe this image just about says it all...

I didn't think he would jump so high (hence the cut off hand).

The Flower Runners (they had flower's for their cousin Rachel in their hands, I don't think Rachel ever got the fl…
I feel like I am super behind! Here is yet another installment to the cousins! This is Makaela (on the right) and Lexi (on the left). I would say they were the hardest of all the cousins. Partially, because Makaela is my daughter and partially because they are both tweens. And tweens don't seem to listen, they think they are (sometimes), but they don't seem to understand their native language. Like when I say "give me your real smile, not the cheesy smile - you know the smile you give your friends." Or when I say turn this way and they barely move or look at me like I am speaking a different language. I tried to take it as a way to improve my instructions... But I'm not sure I was really internalizing anything. I'll have to work on that!
This is by far my favorite!

Do you know how hard it is to get tweens to laugh? Yeah, me either. I thought it would be easy... but not so much.

I know it is strange to start a blog off with someones feet, but it was such an important part of our session. Perhaps I should have taken a picture of the goat heads that kept poking our feet. They were really the problem and the bottom of our flip-flops were covered in them! It took us twice as long to walk anywhere! It was crazy! Either way, Alyssa, her mom and sister and I laughed a lot about so many things - one of those things being goat heads and their annoying habit of sticking to our shoes, feet, hands and clothing. And here is the beautiful Alyssa.

And let me tell you how hard it was to one find a place for her lay down and two find a place for me to sit on the tracks and take pictures without either of us getting poked by all those poky goat heads.

While we were out, we found this wonderful grafitied bus!

I love this image!

I couldn't decide between the color or the black and white, so I put both in!

Alyssa has always wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower, so when her sister…