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Denver Engagement Photography, Rachel and James

Rachel and James' engagement session was so grand!  Rachel really wanted to do pictures with snow and since scheduling our schedules and snow all at the same time seemed so daunting, we were just keeping an eye on the weather and hoping we were all free.  And alas!  Predicted snow turned into real snow and we were all free!  I have known Rachel for such a long time and I really wanted these pictures to be perfect, I was very grateful that it worked.  We couldn't have asked for a better snowy day!   This was such a wonderful spot, it was the spot of their first kiss.  They told me the whole story, both with stars in their eyes and grins on their faces.  There had been some talk about what was up there and what Barteldes meant and somehow it led to that magical kiss.  Although, I do have to say so much of everything is magical with Rachel.  She is just amazing, spectacular and awesome.  And she has found someone just as special in James.  I am so happy for both of them. You may…