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Denver Family Pictures, Kristen and Mark

There are some families that I will always love and adore - and this is one of them!  Kristen's dad called me last year to buy her a portrait session and I was so excited to do their pictures!  I have been waiting so very patiently (almost a year!) to do these!  I totally love these guys.  The boys definitely keep me on my toes and up and going all the time!
 The boys were spelling out CSU in front of the Ram, so cute!

 I love these!  They are such a cute couple!
 Ewwwww!  Little did the boys know, I kept having them kiss because of their reactions.

 I don't know if these boys know how lucky they are to have such a wonderful mom.  She once told me she put their clothes in the dryer on cold days - now that is amazing!  I tried doing it for my kids, it lasted for about a day.  I told the boys to yell out something that makes them love their mom so much, there was lots of fist pumping, jumping, super hero poses, etc... I think that about covers how great their mom is! 

 I love t…

Golden Portraits, Sadie and Aiden

Aiden was ready!  He was ready to steer his dad wherever he wanted him to go!  Whenever we asked Aiden if we could go take pictures, he'd say NO!  He was very sure that we were not going to go take pictures.  Luckily for me, he forgot.  These 2 lucky kiddos will be getting a little brother soon!  I think I may be more excited about the new baby than either of these 2, but I am sure they will come around to the little one! 

 You have no idea how hard it was to get this smile!  She was not in the mood to smile (partially because she ate hot Cheetos right before our session and was afraid the red would show.)  We may be a little late, but here is Aiden's Halloween costume!  Totally adorable!  He was very excited about this running around thing we were finally letting him do - not that we had a choice, he was getting a little antsy changing clothes and posing.  I think I like these the best!  I totally love this one! For more information on portrait sessions call Natalie at 720.8…

Thornton Senior Pictures, Pierce the second half

You may remember Pierce from a previous blog, we did 2 sessions so that he could do some with his board.  We tried to do wake boarding pictures, but it just didn't work out.  I think we still got some great pictures and it was probably better that it was later in the year because we didn't have to deal with a bunch of people in the background.  Although some boats on the water would have been great!  We did however get one boat in the background that was up on the beach.

I love these with the board! The light was really awesome that day! Luckily it wasn't cold!  It has been warm, cold, hot, cold, warm here in Colorado.  And we had a warm/hot day, so perfect since Pierce was walking around in shorts and barefoot.

Greeley, Co Portraits, Austin turns 2!

I cannot believe Austin is 2!  It doesn't seem like it has been 2 years since she was born.  And she walks and talks now - it is so amazing.  She is such a curious little one full of spunk and excitement!  It was hard to get her to sit still, so I chased her all over the park, asking her where trees were, where her mom was - just to get her to stop for a moment.  And of course, I loved every minute of it!  I think my favorite pictures are these in the leaves, she had so much fun playing with them.

 She was spinning around and around, such a fun thing to do!

 Austin's adorable sister!  These are two of the cutest girls I know!