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Thornton, Co Family Portraits, Sarah and Mickey

This fall has been absolutely beautiful in Colorado!  I have had a wonderful time meeting new people and reconnecting with past clients this fall.  I have really enjoyed being with the little ones, they grow up so quickly and I miss my little ones since they are so much bigger now.  And this little guy was very much like my daughter had been - always on the go, going and coming back and gone again, chasing dogs, moving, moving, moving.  It was amazing to see how marvelous his parent's handled his obvious need for movement.  He is such a cutie!  And such a helpful kiddo, whenever we were done with a pose, he would go grab his mom's coffee cup and bring it to her.  Totally melted my heart!

 Dog chasing!  He finally got one!

Golden, Colorado Family Pictures, Laura and Lance

I have done so many things with this family this year!  There was a wedding, senior pictures and then family pictures - it has been amazing!  These guys are the model of my ideal clients - love.  They are so willing to do so many different things and they have their own wonderful ideas too!  And what great kids - they really helped each other out and supported each other during all of these sessions.  I really wish I knew Laura and Lance's secret on raising kids.  Part of their secret has to be Laura's compassion - after our session she texted me what a great time they had and wished me a great vacation weekend.  I felt all warm and fuzzy after that!  These guys really are marvelous!

 We almost lost the sun here.  I was very nervous, without the sun this field is just a blah field of grasses.  But with the sun, it is an amazing field of light and color.  Luckily, we had just enough sun and the images came out great!

Thornton Senior Pictures, Hudson

I am in a terrible rush today, so I will post Hudson's pictures as quickly as I can - especially since she is coming to look at the rest this evening.  Eek!  So here they are -  I love this image!
 And I really love this one!  I think she looks like a model!

 I loved how the colors of the trees behind this sculpture.

Brighton Senior Pictures, Alexandra

When I met with Alex for her session, she excitedly asked me if I remembered her from the many Homecomings and Proms I have photographed.  I said "Of course I do!"  What she didn't know was that I remembered her from 7th or 8th grade.  She is a couple of years behind my oldest and sometimes when I picked him up I would notice Alexandra - which is not creepy because she has such a HUGE personality it is so hard not to notice her.  She has the biggest most welcoming smile and of course I couldn't forget her, because she just makes me smile when she smiles.
 I love this one!

Thornton Family Pictures, the twins and their little brother

Although it looks like a marvelous morning, it was a bit nippy, lots of dew and did I mention it was cold?  It was cold and the dew didn't help when it was all over our feet.  I felt like running through the session in order to get back in my car where it was warm.  I love doing sessions with these guys, they are such a riot.  Lots of bickering, just like any happy family.  
 I love this shot!  I know it is far away, but I can see it above a mantel or very comfy sofa with individuals of the kids on either side.
 Mitch was very excited about taking pictures with the fox, that's all he could talk about.  That and the song "What does the Fox Say?" and then the song was stuck in my head for the rest of the day.  Thanks Mitch!

Boulder, Co Senior Pictures, Meghan

I am loving the fall pictures for Senior Pictures!  We did Meghan's pictures in my beloved Boulder spot, but it was such a different experience after the floods there.  It took us much longer than I thought because so many spots were so damaged.  Meghan and her family were amazingly patient as we walked around finding spots that were not too damaged from the floods.  I love Meghan's blouse color with the background colors!  They worked together so well.  I kept hoping for the sun to really come out and light up the trees, but it stayed behind the clouds.  I loved this spot though because the dark branches brought out the leaves too.
 There is a spot at the bottom of these stairs that I adore, but it was so damaged by the floods we couldn't really do pictures there.  But I am so glad the stairs are ok, I really love this image!  I love how everything worked so well in this image!  Meghan looks so fabulous!
 I saved the best for last!  I love her smile and the colors behind…

Golden, Co Senior Pictures, Amelia

I loved Amelia's Senior Pictures, it was such a beautiful day and the weather was perfect.  Amelia was a delight to work with and such a great girl to spend the afternoon with.

 Amelia and her mom had a discussion about the belt and how it didn't match the dress, I said I thought it would pick up the yellow trees and look really nice.  At first there weren't any yellow trees and I became a little worried, but I love how it worked in this image!

 This was her idea and I totally loved it!