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Brighton Senior Pictures, Julie

Sometimes I love my job and other times I LOVE my job. But everyday, I just really LOVE what I do! And it's not always the photography, I mean it is, but it's also the photographing of people - mostly the photographing of people. And it's really the people who are excited about doing it that make me LOVE photographing! Because I am already excited, and their excitement fuels my excitement! Oh! It's so much fun! And with all that said, Julie was so much fun!!! And here are her wonderful pictures that we took at the Hotel Boulderado and we were so lucky to be able to do it there. Not only because it was beautiful and old and that's what she wanted in pictures, but because it was dripping hot outside! I am so happy to have done Julie's Senior Pictures!  She is so vibrant and full of life! It's people like her that make me LOVE my job!

 I love these images on the stairs!

 Julie is a theater major and I thought it would be wonderful to do pictures in …

Brighton Senior Pictures, Jake

I couldn't believe I didn't check to see if there was a concert at Red Rocks before Jake's Senior Pictures.  I didn't really think it mattered because we were meeting at 1 in the afternoon, but it turned out they were setting up for James Taylor and wouldn't let us within 20 rows of the stage.  And Jake really wanted to do pictures on the stage.  I was kind of bummed, but I actually think the pictures came out better with the stage behind him.  Had he been on the stage, I may not have been able to get the whole thing because it is so large.  I really do think that eventually Jake will be on a stage as big as Red Rocks, if not Red Rocks.  He is extremely talented and does more than 1 thing for entertainment, so I'm sure he'll do well with whatever he chooses.

 I love these images on the stairs!  And we were very glad to be inside, because it was close to 100 on the outside.

 And here would be proof that Jake will indeed be famous someday - he already has a …

Brighton Senior Pictures, Zach

I am posting these as we are trying to run out the door to go to the zoo for Aidan's 9th birthday!  Sorry it will be so rushed Zach!  So without delay, here are Zach's Senior Pictures.  I think he really thought he would show up, take 2 or 3 pictures and be done.  He was a bit surprised, but did very well, when we did more.  He actually did very well, most boys are not very cooperative, but Zach had ideas and suggestions and seemed genuinely excited.
 Doesn't he look great in black and white???  I love it!

 Now that's the smile I wanted!  I don't really know what he is doing with his other hand.  It kind of looks like he's about to pull a squirt gun and shoot me or something.

Brighton Senior Pictures, Cole

I seem to be doing an awful lot of Senior Pictures in Boulder...  I really do wish I could do them in Brighton, but there isn't a lot to choose from here.  And with all the hot weather, the few places there are, are scorched and brown.  Cole's were on one of those scorching days.  I hadn't really noticed the heat (I was still driving a rental that had air conditioning that actually worked) until we started.  And even me, who likes heat, was dripping and uncomfortable.  When I got back in the car, the temperature gage read 102!  It's amazing he was able to look so good throughout the session!  I usually have troubles with the heat, but this summer that has been the main problem!  I may start putting a it's too hot we have to reschedule policy.
 Look at those eyes!  They are so blue!

 I love the red shirt!  At first I didn't know how it would work with the background, but I think it turned out great!  Very complimentary.