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Brighton Portraits, smoke bombs trial 1

Trial 1 - 3 smoke bombs. 8 minutes. 5 usable images. 2 soooo cool unusable images (I am crying that they are out of focus. Like really REALLY crying.) 3 almost "there" images. This has been an expensive learning experience! I am so grateful for my family helping me out with all my crazy ideas. And I apologize to my neighbor who came home to a cloud of purple super smelly smoke.
Trial 2 - soon. Here's to hoping there is no wind!

 I like the look of the white smoke bomb as it blew away. 

 I love these!  But they are out of focus, it was too dark and smoky for my camera to focus.  I thought I had it in focus, but it was too smoky to tell.   I learned a lot tonight.  Like always do it in the day light hours,  have people stand farther away from the smoke so they don't have to smell it, and have more day light than you think you need.  And on top of that, one of the funniest things happened, we meet a new neighbor across the purple smoke. He was coming home with dinner, as…

Boulder Family Pictures, Nancy and her girls

Nancy and her girls are adorable!  The girls were so polite and funny and nice!  It was so much fun being on Pearl St. with these guys! I always love Pearl St., there are so many great textures and colors!

 I love these!  We went into a deli and they had this poster of Wonder Woman and they love her, so it was the perfect spot!  And I 

 I love this one!  This was such a cute spot!  I love the bike and the barber's pole!  It is so much fun to stop here!