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Event Photography, BECS Broadway Revue

Here are images from last night's Bromley East's Broadway Revue!

Play Photography, Bromley East Broadway Revue

I do have to say, I love what I do!  I had such a good time photographing Bromley East's first night of rehearsals.  They have their production "Broadway Revue" coming up this weekend (and I'm not ecstatic because two of my kids are in it...  gee, not at all.)  But that's beside the point...  I love not having to use flash, it's always so different.  And in images like this it's ok to have funky shadows.  It's just so much fun to play with!  These little one's are in the Lion King number, their hats are wonderful!  And they made them themselves!

 I tried to get the stage hands too, poor guys are always hiding behind the curtains.

 One of the mom's made all of these lovely costumes for Under the Sea.  They are amazing!

Brighton Family Pictures, The T's

You may remember these guys, only now they appear less wind-blown!  These guys are one of my favorite families to photograph twice!  And bonus!  Both times we ended up chatting afterward and I kept thinking - I should shut up and let them get on with their day!  But it was so much fun to just chat!  I'd say they look so much better without the wind in their faces and dust in their eyes.  Well.... there was more of this from the girls.... but I don't mind, these are my favorite kind of pictures!
 I totally love the mommy and daddy time!  And these two are totally adorable and really good at it, I hardly told them what to do or when to do it.
 See?  Aren't they adorable?

Brighton Family Pictures, The S kiddos

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving and such!  I have been "pretending" to work this weekend - I was supposed to take the weekend off, but Aidan has been sick ALL week and so I had to try and get something done sometime!  Poor guy, a whole week off of school and he's feeling down and out.  So much for taking the weekend off!
I did this session the day before Thanksgiving and I was hoping to have it posted yesterday, but between taking care of Aidan and trying to get other things done, I sorely underestimated how quickly time was moving.
 These 3 were so adorable!  Amazingly we were able to get these done quickly!  They listened so well, and because they had such cute faces everything went fantastically!

 I loved when they were kissing her!  And then I got this!  Love it!  Jump!  Jump!

Brighton Senior Pictures, Sam

I have been waiting and waiting to do Sam's Senior Pictures!  Finally we were able to do it!  I don't know why, but I totally love Sam!  She is adorable and sweet and has an attitude, kind of like a Powerpuff Girl - but in a good way.  I have known her since she was in 7th or 8th grade and it is so wonderful to have watched throughout the last couple of years.
 She may not like this image... but I love it!  And I love this one!

 She wanted to do the tire swing and it was a fabulous idea!