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Denver Wedding Photography, more of Jess and Adam

Here is the second installment of Jessica and Adams wedding!  I love this image of the girls with the top hats!  It is so cute!  I hadn't though of how hard it would be to do an Abbey road shot in downtown Golden...  But it was, there were lots of cars and people to contend with.  But it was fun and we got some great shots!
 I love Jessica's jewelry, it was stunning.

 There was a rabbit and Michael was gracious enough to try and capture it, but the darn bunny got away!

Denver Wedding Photography, Jessica and Adam

I don't usually do this, but with crazy time constraints I am going to do several blogs for Jess and Adam's wedding - which doesn't bother me at all!  Now I can post lots of images!  These two are wonderful!  There is so much love between them and all around them, it was marvelous to be around. So here are images of just the lovely couple, I will have others very soon!

 It rained like crazy and made for some fabulous pictures afterward!  It was like adding an Ireland filter to my camera.

Brighton Senior Pictures, Daniel

I am on my way out to a wedding, but I wanted to get these up before I left!  This was a mini session I did for Daniel's Senior Pictures.  I haven't used this spot for a couple of years and I've used it twice this year and I am in love with it again!  I do have to say that I wish I had a full session with Daniel, he was very laid back, he could smile wonderfully (really a blessing with some boys!) and he was very friendly.

Denver Maternity Portraits, Lauren and Danny

Lauren and Danny's maternity session was exciting, and not just because I had a camera in my hands again.  But because this means I am going to be an Aunt again!  And who couldn't be excited about that?  And babies...  Ahhhhh!  Babies!  They are so sweet and adorably fun!  Just a word of caution to those of you considering inviting a baby into your lives - they do grow up and they won't let you hug and cuddle with them anymore.  They are not like dogs or cats that way, kind of makes me sad (but honestly, who wants an 18 year old sitting on your lap with their head on your shoulder?  Who am I kidding, I do miss that!)

 I love her shoes!  I'm not sure how she can wear them when she is pregnant, I can't even wear them on a normal day without falling down.  But if these were in my closet, it would make me smile!

 I loved this sequence!