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Amanda was incredibly fun! She was bubbling with excitement to have her picture taken. It was so nice to have such a willing participant. She didn't moan or groan about anything I asked her to do, and she smiled through the whole thing. She was so excited to be doing pictures in the fall leaves and she had a marvelous wonder when the leaves blew out of the trees. Her excitement and good mood was very contagious! Amanda and her adorable dog Maggie!

Boulder Bridal Portrait Session, Traci and Charles

This was supposed to be Traci and Charles' "Trash the Dress" day, but because the water in Boulder creek was a degree over freezing it became more of a Bridal Portrait Session. Either way, it was incredibly fun! And these two really know how to kiss!

Aren't they cute?

Charles was nice enough to jump in and test the water before tromping back to get Traci and carry her to the rock.

They are so much fun! I was cracking up all morning!

Erie Portraits; Julie, Todd, Sarah and Jack

I am so amazed at similar families are, and yet how incredibly different they are. Jack, the wee little cutie is very exuberant and can't sit still for more than 5 seconds - much like my youngest. But unlike my wee little one, Jack smiles at whatever makes him happy. And luckily I had several toys that made him smile and giggle with joy! And thank goodness Sarah was a smiler, unlike my little girl who is more into scowling than smiling. Sarah has an amazing smile and it was very contagious! You may think he was smiling at or for the camera, but no, he was smiling at the little green dinosaur in my hand.

I love this image!

Isn't her smile amazing?
I love this image! He was very hard to pin down, but some how we managed it!Isn't he precious?