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Denver Botanical Gardens

I really should be blogging about the last event I photographed! But I just had to share these! I ditched all of my work the other day and popped off to the Denver Botanic Gardens to photograph! I had such a great time! I had been feeling sluggish and tired, but not anymore! I am so excited about these images!!
When I first started to photograph, within 10 steps of the door, all I could see was color and shape. The colors were so vibrant, it was like being in a candy store of colors!

I love these little delicate looking flowers! They were all over the gardens - white, pink and fuscia.

I eventually stepped back and saw more of the gardens. Everything was fabulously beautiful!

Santa Fe Field Trip for business

I recently, went to Santa Fe to clear my head and get those pesky business strings that have frayed into confusion tidied up. I picked Santa Fe because of it's beautiful downtown, carefree attitude and general artistic feel. I had a wonderful time wandering around and enjoying the wonderful colors in this young spring with the stark shadows of fall. I was also fascinated by the window storefronts of downtown. I tried to capture some evening shots, but without a tri-pod other than the car door it made it hard to position myself to get good shots. And I am happy to report, my head cleared and I now have a handy, dandy list'o'things to do! So there pesky fraying strings! And now begins the harder work of staying on track and marking things off that list!

I loved these metal aquatic creatures in their make shift homes - they were absolutely beautiful!

This may seem odd (odd because it was the bathroom door in my hotel), but I love doorss! The rusticness was very quaint (the a…