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Denver Engagement Photography, Katie and Chris

It has taken me so long to do these.  It always does, doesn't it??  I had them done days ago and then I was overtaken with other deadlines, children... And a cold that if you could hear me talk, you would tell me to go back to bed and stop infecting everyone within a 10 mile radius.  But here they are!  And I am so excited! I was so excited (again, I was excited. Because I am always excited.) to do Katie and Chris' engagement session!  I think every couple is fascinating and fun, but sometimes you just click more with some of them.  And maybe it's because I worked with Chris for years and am super excited he is getting married (HE IS GETTING MARRIED!!) or maybe it's because they are really cool!  I am going to go with they are really cool!  They are!  And funny!  And cute together!  When they first showed up, I was delighted by what they chose to wear!  Katie thought they looked like Easter Eggs, but I thought they looked sassy and cute!  Not that Chris is sassy or cu…

Denver Portaits, Kim and Ben

I loved these guys!  They were so amazing and adorable and cute and so much fun!  As we met up, the kids were excited and so very talkative!  I love it when it starts out that way!  Makes it so much easier when they are already excited!   Aren't they just precious!

 This puts a new spin on photo bombing.  I figured with such energy, I should let him do some more jumping around.  So we did some jumping around photos and I wished we could have done so much more!