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I have known Jennifer for years and I have never seen her glow so much! I did her and Matt's pictures at the Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland, Co. It was very nice to spend time with Jennifer and Matt! Here are some of my favorites from their session!

First Communion, Brighton, Colorado, Cristol

The weather was perfect for Cristol's First Communion! It had been rainy and windy a few days before, but her day was perfect! Cristol was very excited - and a tad bit shy - to be the center of attention and full of ideas for pictures!

I was very impressed at how seriously she took her First Communion. I have photographed other similar events and not all the kids understand what they are doing. Cristol seemed to understand the importance and was very accepting of it.

Her dress was perfect for twirling, until she got dizzy of course and then she had to sit down for a bit.
Isn't she adorable? And she has the beautiful green eyes too!

When the wind did pick up we had fun with it blowing her veil.

Adams County Foster Parent Dinner

I photographed a dinner Adams County puts on for their Foster Parent's. It is always such a great event! Most of the foster parents you hear about are the one's who have done something wrong, it is very refreshing to be in a room full of compassionate, caring individuals! The event was held at the Werth Manor, and the entertainment/motivational speaker was Brad Montgomery. He was very humorous, I kept forgetting why I was there I was laughing so hard! I love photographing for Adams County! The foster parents and social workers are amazing. The kids I have photographed are exceptional and I hope that all of them find homes this year!

By far, one of the best images of the night!
Sawyer turns one! One year old's birthday parties are always so much fun! You never know how they will react to being the center of attention or to the copious amounts of sugar thrown at them throughout the day! The last time I saw Sawyer, at his brother's 3rd birthday, he was a tiny little thing wrapped up in a sling around his mom's shoulder. He probably wasn't even aloud to have cake and now he is one with a huge smile on his face (and a little cake too!) Sawyer had quite a few exhuberant friends over to celebrate with him!

Sawyer getting ready for some cake!
How else would you get up the rock wall with the turtle toy?

You may not be able to see the look of utter dismay on Jackson's face, but as this present was opened Jackson turned to his mom and I believe his word way "hey!" Apparently, he thought his mom was giving away his toys.
The annihilation of sugary substances (mostly caused by small children).

As I was leaving, Sawyer's mom grabbed …