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Ice Castle, Silverthorne

We went to the Ice Castle in Silverthorne this weekend, it was one of the greatest days I've had in a long time!  We took our old foreign exchange student - perhaps I will stray from this story for just a bit to explain why she is "old".  We had a foreign exchange student, Michelle.  She and our son Nick decided to date...  Not a great idea in the eyes of the foundation that brought her here, so she had to go live in another home.  It was a very hard time for all of us, especially Makaela and Aidan (they were really too young to understand why.)  I really wish it could have been a different way, it is very hard to see her in another home doing the things we planned on doing with her.  We do try to spend time with her, but it has been hard between our schedule and her new families schedule.  So, that is why she is our "old" foreign exchange student.  This is Michelle (on the left) and her friend Sophie (on the right), aren't they so cute???
 Michelle, Makae…

Colorado Band Photography, Thanatopsys

This is Thanatopsys (sure hope I spelled that right!).  And for a screamo band, I sure had a hard time getting them to be serious!  They kept cracking up about everything!
 I'm pretty sure I said "get in the trash can", but I didn't mean head first...

 I really didn't want to do pictures in this room.  It was a strange boiler type that I'm sure was the playground for the person in Saw....  Ewwwww!  And aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!  Scary!  But this image turned out to be one of my favorites!

Denver Portrait Photography, Camille and her lovely dogs

This is Camille with her lovely dogs, Jack Jack and Winky.  They are the sweetest dogs ever!  They were so well behaved, sweet and loving and adored Camille so very much!  I kind of wish my dogs were small now - they would be so much easier to manage!
 Aren't they all just adorable??
 For those of you who know me well, you will know it was very hard for me not to freak out that Camille was allowing her dog to lick her - I've seen other people allow this to happen, but I'm still not sure why...
 Isn't Winky so cute with her red bow?  I love the feet images!  I'm not sure if Camille is aware of how absolutely beautiful she is, but I hope when she sees these she sees what the rest of us see!

 These next two are two of my favorites!

Brighton Boudoir Photography

Here is just a sneak peak of my last Saturday night.  It was a wonderfully spectacular time with these 2 lovely ladies!  As always, I had a such a good time and again I am reassured that I am doing what I absolutely LOVE!  Thank you girls for being so wonderful!

Brighton Portraits, Baby A's 3 months

I am so in love with this little one!  She is so adorably cute!  I so miss having little one's around!  And this little one is just a sweetie!  I did her newborn pictures as well and those weren't as easy as these.  This time she was very cooperative and we got some great shots!
I love this image, she is so smiley and cute!

Isn't that precious???
I think she will get lots of what she wants with that little lip!

Belly!  She really did like grabbing her shirt and inspecting the bottom of it.
Mom! (Mom was using a cold baby wipe on her.  Poor thing was a bit surprised by such an event!)

This bear is very special, it was her mom's.  Her grandfather gave it to her mom when she was about 3 months old and her mom still has it!