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Brighton Portraits, Austin's 1 year

So many times I mean to blog about my own family and not just about the wonderful families I photograph, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time!  And right now I cannot remember anything cute or clever or mildly entertaining that any of my children have done - I will have to try a little harder! So on with this cute one!  This is Austin and she is turning on 1 on Halloween - I really wanted a Halloween baby, but mine was born 2 weeks before.  Impatient.  Not only is Austin a cutey, has tons of facial expressions, charming and adorably cuddly, but she is also very head strong and active.  I kind of like the ones who don't walk yet, there is less running.  Austin has been walking for about 2 months and she had me running after her.  She is very curious and just wanted to see all the sights.

 I love her coat!  It is fabulous!
 Here she was sneaking up on her mom and trying to scare her!

 Here she is practicing her cake eating techniques.  I think she got some good practic…

Brighton Senior Pictures, Spencer

I was a little worried about the weather for Spencer's Senior Pictures, it had been so windy and chilly that week.  But we totally lucked out and had a very wonderful morning.  And the colors were wonderful on top of it all, so much better than today with all the droopy, sad leaves covered in snow.
 Spencer was very laid back and willing to do just about anything.  That's one of the things I love so much about teenagers!  I love these images on the bridge!

 Where'd he go???  This image kind of sets up the next few images.  And this is why Spencer was so willing to do just about anything.  His mom wanted the image of his clothes disheveled and he wasn't the most excited about it, but he did it!  And Spencer likes money - who doesn't really?  So I suggested putting money in his pocket!  Such a contrast with how he's put together.  When I put this image in Photoshop, it warned me that I could not print the image, but I could edit it.  I so have to look the rules…

Denver Portrait Photography, Brittannie, Ryan and Ryker

I feel so lucky to have these guys as clients!  I have done their wedding, maternity, baby and family pictures for the last few years.  They are fun, energetic, willing to try new things and just plain wonderful!  This is one of my favorite sessions I have done with them yet.  I often see images of them on Facebook at Coors Field, so I was really excited that they wanted to take pictures here since it means so much to them.
 Ryker is either examining something with his x-ray vision or he's super excited about being at Coor's Field!  One of my favorites!  He's smiling!  I have waited 18 months for him to smile like this!  And he tosses the ball, looks for the ball, chases the ball and oooohhhhhhhhh! He almost got it!  And he's got it!  Another total favorite!

 He has so many facial expressions, but let me tell you trying to keep in front of him to capture them was not easy!

 Bubbles!  Totally love this one!