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Colorado Wedding Photography, Elisa and Ronnie

 Elisa and Ronnie are such a sweet couple!  I didn't get to meet them before the wedding, Elisa's mom worked in the Graduate Department from when I was in college and amazingly she remembered me and rang me up!  I was glad to be a part of their day, it was very cozy and wonderful with all their family there.  And for such a cold day, it was nice to have pleasant people around.

 The courtroom where they were married was a beautiful room and the halls of the courthouse were stunning!  And apparently in Denver, you can photograph in the hallways!  In Adams County courts, they'll throw you out for such things.
 This was their wonderful Judge!  He was a gem!  I really enjoyed his sense of humanity and humor!  He was fantastic and should do weddings outside of the courts!

 Shhhhhh!  This little guy and his sister are adorable!  I don't have many images of his sister, she seemed to hide whenever the camera was around - and sense it's around my neck, I didn't see her much.

 Here was everyone in attendance.  And isn't that stairwell stunning??  I love it!

 He is going to be my new assistant, just like he is here.  I am guaranteed smiles from little ones now!

 I love these in the hallway!

 I have always wanted to do pictures on this bridge!  I love how they turned out too!  I wish it had been nicer outside, then we could have done more!


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Brighton High School Pictures, Faith

We did Faith's pictures at Golden's Historic Park, it was such a fun session.  I love Faith and her family, they are so down to earth and such marvelous people!  It was really nice to go around the park with them and chat.  This fall, during South Africa's summer they are going back to do more senior pictures (I wish I was going!  Can you imagine?? What fun that would be!)  Faith was born there and she spent a lot of time in her Aunt's garden, so they wanted to go back and have her picture taken in the gardens.  I think that is such a sweet and touching thing to do.

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 Poor thing!  Being the youngest, they have to take a photo by themselves. But she did a fantastic job and I was very grateful for her going along with the whole thing.  The baby is so precious!!  So adorable!  Aren't they just precious?!?

 I love toddlers!  One minute they are upset and the next they are smiling.  It is adorable!

 I love this one!
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