Brighton Portraits, Austin's 1 year

So many times I mean to blog about my own family and not just about the wonderful families I photograph, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time!  And right now I cannot remember anything cute or clever or mildly entertaining that any of my children have done - I will have to try a little harder!
So on with this cute one!  This is Austin and she is turning on 1 on Halloween - I really wanted a Halloween baby, but mine was born 2 weeks before.  Impatient.  Not only is Austin a cutey, has tons of facial expressions, charming and adorably cuddly, but she is also very head strong and active.  I kind of like the ones who don't walk yet, there is less running.  Austin has been walking for about 2 months and she had me running after her.  She is very curious and just wanted to see all the sights.

 I love her coat!  It is fabulous!

 Here she was sneaking up on her mom and trying to scare her!

 Here she is practicing her cake eating techniques.  I think she got some good practice for her party in!  I just hope she performs as well as she did here.

 I couldn't be luckier than this!  How often do you get to see a baby bury their face in the cake?  I was laughing so hard, I almost forgot to take pictures.
 Her tongue seems to show up often....

 I'm not sure, but I think she may have been snorting some frosting - mom and dad better watch that.  Those sugar highs can be furious!

 See there's the tongue again.  It was funny, she kept making this face like she didn't like the frosting, but then she'd say 'num, num' so I guess she liked it.  But maybe it was a bit much, judging by the middle image.


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