Denver Portrait Photography, One of my favorite couples ever - Andrea and Emma

I love sessions with dogs!  They are so unpredictable and often the session takes longer than one with toddlers, but they are cute and fluffy and adorable.  And it always helps when one of the dogs falls in love me, just like Pedro did!  He sat on my lap in the car and he didn’t want me to stop petting him ever!  And on top of all that, he was the perfect little dog model in all the images.  It was very hard not to turn this session into a Pedro session.  Oh, and Andrea and Emma (they are who I should really be talking about!) are absolutely wonderful and always a joy to be with.  I always feel like I can be more of myself around them and not just a photographer, I am very grateful for that.  So here are the images of our perfect fall morning – oh and it was on their wedding anniversary too!  Totally love it!

 Somehow these images are totally out of order!  I've tried to fix it, but it just not working properly!
 These are really for Chaunee, Andrea wanted to prove she does love her kitties as much as her doggies.  So here you go Chaunee - kitties!

 My sweet, sweet Pedro!  I'd put hearts in here, but I don't know how to do that outside of texting.

 Emma thought this image would give the full story of our morning and I quite agree!


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