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Brighton Family Portraits, The J Family

These guys were troopers!  It was 16 degrees outside and COLD!  But we kept at, I've offered to do it again just because the kids looked soooo cold!
 There was lots of snow walking, which didn't help the cold toes!
 I love this image!  So cute!
 Aren't they adorable??

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile... In all this time, the kids have gotten out of school and have since destroyed the house over and over EVERYDAY!  I've also had a birthday, a BIG zero at the end birthday - very exciting!  I had a great big party and it was so much fun!  I was thinking I would give my presents awards!  So here it goes!
 The Most Used Gift Award is split between 3 gifts - a blanket, Chai and a Starbucks card (the card is almost gone because I treated the entire family to Starbucks yesterday!)  This gift has the strange title of - Most Likely to Help Me Get Over a Fear. I'm just going to leave it at that.  This gift is The Best Handmade Award. My father-in-law made it for me!  Wonderful isn't it?  So far, Aidan's little animals have lived in it and it may have seen at least 1 loaf of bread.  The Most Wanted Award - a book by Annie Leibovitz.  Most Precious Award - my youngest son bought me this ring all by himself!  I now have enough wine for a year... not sure …

Events, Bromley East Broadway Revue Performance

Here are some images from the actual performance!  It was so exciting and fun!  I wish we could do this every month!