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National Adoption Day

On Saturday, I photographed National Adoption Day for Adams County. This is the 3rd year they have celebrated National Adoption Day and they finalized 14 adoptions on Saturday. This year I was very pleased to see two of the kids I photographed were there with their new family! I wish I could share the pictures, but because some of the children are still in Foster care and some of the adoptions are closed adoptions I cannot. Some of the images are so touching and tender! Several times, I would catch parents protectively hugging and kissing their children or squeezing their hands with a gleeful smile. It was really very sweet!

This year, Adams County will have 140 kids finalized for adoption! Currently, they have 40 kids up for adoption and most of them are older. The kids I have photographed are incredible - I love hanging out with all of them! I hope all of them will have families soon!


James will probably be my last Senior this year, it kind of makes me sad. I had such a good time photographing all those kids! James was great, he had a wonderful smile - especially for someone who just received his first ticket just an hour before. Poor guy!

James is planning on attending college in Colorado so he can still play football! Very cool, I love to hear that Seniors are planning on attending college!

Even with the smile missing, I love this image. And think this is probably more James than the smile (just because he does this look so well).

Brandi, Brad, Riley, Gavin and Andrew

Here are the Schmeh's and their fabulously crazy family portrait sitting. When the kids are older I plan to hire them to direct photo shoots - they were like look at this, do this, go stand over there, take a picture of this, hey look at me and we should do this. It was quite the day! And when the photo shoot was over, the kids still wanted to do more! I loved it!

Aren't they adorable?

I love these with the rocks, trees and mountains behind them.

I love this image!