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Brighton High School Senior Pictures, Galilea and Lupita

Galilea and Lupita are the best friends and they were just the cutest friends.  When Galilea called me, I could hear her excitement through the phone and when they showed up for the session they were both so excited it actually woke me up.  I love it when people are excited about what I am so excited about everyday!  They were just awesome and so wonderful to photograph.  Galilea has such a wonderful attitude.  So often teenagers are so self conscious and reality just seems cruel.  But Galilea was very confident and apparently very hard to embarrass.  She fell in the water and I felt so bad, but she got up and brushed herself off and on we went.  Later on she laughed about it and I was so relieved!  Personally, I think I would have been mortified and had a hard time recovering from it.
 Lupita was very sweet and kind (especially to Galilea after the water incident.)  She was so eager to get started.  She said she wanted to pose on a rock across the water and as I was thinking of the …

Brighton High School Seniors, Jakob

Jakob's session was a shorter one.  I usually worry a little that I won't have enough time to get a really good smile, but I didn't need to worry about that with Jakob.  He was wonderful and had a great smile.

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Brighton High School Senior Photography; Alyssa

I am trying to get stuff done so I can go off and play for a rare Saturday without portrait sessions!  I feel like Speedy Gonzalez trying to get things uploaded, posted, washed and packed!  I really didn't want to leave without posting at least 2 blogs... Well, I guess 1 will do.  So here goes Alyssa's!  She was wonderful and lovely!  Totally loved her session! Alyssa is very talented person!  I thoroughly enjoyed her session!  She was so willing to do just about everything I asked, even after the mosquitoes ate her alive - at 9 in the morning!  She got a few really big welts!  I felt so bad!  Usually mosquitoes aren't what I worry about at 9am.  I love it when people bring props!  She brought her guitar and her clarinet!  I love that she wanted to include these in her session. 

 Alyssa had such a great smile and non-smile, I love how versatile she was and how comfortable she was doing either one!
 I love these with the clarinet!
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Thornton High School Senior Pictures, Lauren

I thoroughly enjoyed Lauren's Senior Pictures!  She has a quick tongue, isn't afraid to use it and just exudes self confidence!  I love it when young woman have such confidence.  You don't see it that often, and she definitely has it!  The day we met she had just interviewed for a job at an ice rink and she said eventually she wanted her own hockey team to manage.  I definitely think she could pull it off!  And with grace, humor and everyone would have fun while working hard! I also was so pleased that I could do something different with my chair!  I had thought of putting it in the water a few weeks ago, but all the water I have been around is either too high or too low.  I was so excited to try it out here!  And it worked beautifully!

 It was so nice to see her excitement with the flag!  I love this idea for a prop!  It is absolutely adorable!
 Yes, of course she has an Av's jersey!  Would you expect anything else??   I absolutely LOVED these in the river with the …

Denver Family Portraits, Washington Park, Tami and her adorable girls

Tami was a referral from one of my beloved friends in Denver and as Tami and I talked I was surprised at how many times we could have run into each other!  She used to live in Brighton, but moved to Denver.  And all the time she lived here we didn't run into each other, but our Denver connection is how we met.  And she owns a liquor store in the neighborhood that I grew up in for a few years as a child.  AND lives in the neighborhood my great grandmother lived in for most of her twenties.   Funny how the world works! Anyhoo!  Here are some of Tami's pictures!  Her mom joined them for a few, which was great to get some generational photos!  Her mom was such a big help!  She was so wonderful!  What a great mother daughter relationship they have.  It was fabulous to see!  We took these pictures because Claire is turning 1!  I absolutely LOVE this age!  They are so precious and loving and starting to explore their big, huge world!
 Look at those eyes!  Love them!

 I love this loo…