Denver Dog Photography, Rachel's Puppies

There are these four adorable puppies out in the world and I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with them.  They are the most adorable, sweet, rambunctious, curious, amazing little things!  I love them all and wish I could have them!  These little guys are going to be up for adoption from My Fairy Dawg Mother Rescue, I am sure they will be adopted so soon!
I do have to say that photographing 4 puppies was much like photographing marbles on a hill.  I was sweating and panting!  And then the cat would pop in and out, just for a little bit of extra fun.
 I sure hope I get their names right! I am so sorry if I don't little guys!
Meet Tiberious!
 Meet Rufus!
 Meet Theo!
 Meet Samson!
 The cat was so happy to inspect my stuff and the puppies were so happy to try and roust the cat out.  Luckily, for the cat they were too small to do much.
 I love these!

 Tiberious was so sweet and tired!  He fell asleep on the couch and stayed asleep after we moved him to the bucket full of blankets.  He just had the sweetest face!

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