Denver Senior Pictures, Katey

As I was editing these, I was thinking it is nice to see pictures with sun.  I miss the sun.  I did see it for a little bit yesterday and it threatened to peak out today.  It did start to rain as I was getting in my car after Katey's session and that was just a small window into what we would get days later.  My kids are hoping like crazy that school will canceled tomorrow, but I think they will be sadly disappointed.
Katey was such a wonderfully sweet girl!  It was a perfect day to do Senior Pictures, it was all the way around very pleasant.  I love how enthusiastic she was about doing pictures and how she would get very excited about locations.  I was giddy that she was so involved.

 I love this one!
 We did these by the Market in Denver and besides it being a fabulous place for food and snacks, it almost looks like a European café.  I love how the pictures come out here!

I love these too!

 These were so much fun!  I wasn't sure I would be able to use this umbrella, I didn't think it had enough color, but it looked great on these steps!

 Katey had gone to France and she wanted to pictures in front of the Crepe restaurant.  I have always admired the store front and the cute umbrellas and colorful table cloths, so I was excited to do these too!  I always like it when images have many meanings.


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