Broomfield Family Pictures, Rehab and Ibrahim

Oh my gosh!  Not only were these girl's amazing, cute, curious and full of life - they had been sick the days and the night before.  And they were great and did everything I asked.  I felt so bad for them, but their mom said they would be fine and she was right!  They were great!  And then on top of all that, Rehab and Ibrahim were the most gracious people!  When we were done, they served me tea and we talked forever.  Rehab gave me Kunafa, a middle eastern danish, it was so good!  Like the first time eating the best thing you've ever had!  And the tea!  I love (LOVE) tea and I have never had tea that tasted that good!  I am thinking of moving in with them!  I was so honored that they thought to serve me tea and Kunafa!  I loved these guys!

 We were so lucky to have trees with color!  It was mid-November when we did these pictures.  And they still had roses!  I couldn't believe it!

 When I was taking pictures of their parent's the girls lined up and watched, they are so cute!

 Rehab's mom was visiting and I was so excited that she wanted to do some pictures too!

 And again, as I was taking pictures of their parent's inside, they were there watching!
 Ummm..... the best tea!  EVER!
 I saved my favorite for last!  As we were talking, the littlest one was admiring her mom's jewelry and they were having a moment.  I love this image so much!

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