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Fort Lupton High School Senior Pictures, Nikki

I love this park so much!  Especially when it's covered in snow - which means there are lot less people there!  Somehow it has become the place to be in the last couple of years.  Nikki really wanted snow pictures and we scheduled something hoping that it would snow - and it did!  I was so happy!  Nikki loved the park and the snow, I just don't think she liked the cold so much.  It was super cold that day and I too would have preferred it to be a little warmer... walking up some of those hills in calf deep snow and trying to breath with such cold air was a bit much!

 I love this one!

 I love this one with the red scarf and her eyes!  It is gorgeous!
 She wanted pictures with her truck and then this crazy thing happened and her truck got stuck in the parking lot as they were backing it up!  They ended up having to use a wench to get it out.  
 I had wanted a different angle, but I wasn't about to be picky after all the trouble of getting it out of the ruts, but that blue sky made up for my disappointment!  I love that sky!

 The picture you are not seeing is the snow flying behind her - and then all over her.  She was such a good sport when the snow ended up in her hair - her mom was throwing the snow behind her and may have thrown a little at her...  I love her smile!  Nikki told me she wasn't a big smiler, so I didn't push the smiles, so when I got a natural one I was super excited!  She has a fantastic smile!

 Her puppy Taz!  He is such a cutie!  And such a mellow pup!  He was just perfect for taking pictures!

 I love this one!
 And I love this one!
 And I love this one too!  Actually all of these at the end are my favorites!  And some at the beginning too...  It was just an overall awesome senior picture session!

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Eagle Ridge High School Senior Pictures, Kate

When I first met Kate, I was so in love with her!  She is so adorable, giggly and the sweetest girl ever!  She couldn't stop laughing and it was so endearing! One of my other favorite things was her lip stick!  She loves her lipstick and again I just found it endearing.  What a fun girl!
 I love this image!  The light was so amazing!  I was so excited that there were leaves on the ground!  Because, here in Colorado, Fall lasted about 2 weeks, it was such a bummer!  I was a little worried about doing pictures in a spot with so many trees, but it worked out so wonderful!  I love these trees on the edge of Waneka Lake!  They are just gorgeous!

 I did ask her to do some serious faces, but the laughter that followed let me know that she is better off with a smile on her face.

 Awwwww! The sweetest puppy!  I love, love these in the field!  The light was amazing and everything about Kate was perfect for these grasses!

Boulder Family Pictures, Barbara and her adorable twins

I adore Barbara and her twins!  And that puppy!  She is so cute!  We had a great time at one of the trails at El Dorado Canyon, I love this spot so much!  It is so perfect for cuddly pictures.  And these guys were perfect for that!  Aren't they just adorable!
 They are so sweet!  I love how happy they are!

 I love this one!  And this one too!  I love the ones where they interact!  It is so precious!
 These two had such a great time with the bubbles!  It was so cute!
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Eagle Ridge Academy, Turner

I was so excited to do Turner's senior pictures!  I have been doing his family pictures since he was just a little kiddo!  It so hard to believe that the little kid from ages ago is about to graduate from high school!  I wish I could have found the sneak peek from the first session I did with him, but I couldn't find it.  I did find a session from 2013 and 2015 and he is such a wee little guy even then!  And look at him!  He's all grown up now!  This cracks me up!  I totally agree that he is where our future starts, but the look on his face!  It makes me laugh! He is obviously not really excited about it.
 I love this alley!  It is such a fun place (and it doesn't smell like some alleys!) Turner is a soccer star, I'm pretty sure I'll get to say "I knew him when...." So it was pretty cool that he had a soccer jacket on.

 The excitement!  It's real!

 I love this one!

 I love this one too!