Denver Headshots for J Squared

Now these are the kind of headshots I love!  These guys from J Squared Interiors were such a hoot!  We did their pictures at The Showroom, I had never been there - and probably should NEVER go back!  Oh my!  They picked the perfect place to do their pictures!  It was like a candy wonderland for designers!  I couldn't believe how wonderful everything came together!  It was spectacular!
 I love this one!  They are such fun people!

 I really like the fabric samples behind them!
 They were so fun to work with and they all had so many ideas!  I could have photographed them all day long!
 I love the spot light and the red ottoman - I have ideas!  I just need to go buy them!
 I love these!  This area was such a fun spot (you can tell by how many I have included here!)

 I feel like they need a theme song and somebody to follow them around singing it all the time!  They have got to be some of the most fun and creative people to work with - which I actually know because I have spent time with them.  I am overjoyed to have been a part of this!
(Sorry for all the love words and exclamation points, I was just excited!)

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