Denver Family Portraits, Kyra and Greg

I was so excited to be doing these!  These guys are such a fun family!  I love them!  And I love doing family pictures downtown!  So two of my favorite things in one day!

 These kids!  They are so much fun!  And smart!  And hilarious!  I adore them so much!  How could I not??

I love these!
I think this spot was my favorite!  We had to go up this hill that the boys thought it would be (and at least one of them did) fun to roll down.  Of course, it happened so fast, I didn't actually get a picture.  But that is not why it was my favorite - I love these colors and they all look fantastic in front of that tree!
 I love this one of the kids!
 All I'm going to say is - brothers!

 I love these with the skyline!  This is really why we were down there!  And it was perfect!

 And again - brothers!  But when your sister has such a beautiful smile, of course you would try and make her laugh all the time!
 LOVE, LOVE this one!

 And to think, I told them we were done... And then I looked over and saw this!  So much to the horror of the kids, I made them do some more.  But smiles were not required this time!

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