Boulder Wedding Photography, Lexi and Kash

What a fantastic day!  Lexi and Kash's wedding was absolutely amazing and fun!  They are a fabulous couple, they care so much and so deeply for each other.  And it is so obvious to everyone around them.  That is one of my most favorite parts of my job.  I get to see so many different kinds of love, it really is the best!
I loved the getting ready pictures!  Lexi is just a stunning person and she has a beautiful smile!  She has such a timeless look, I could have done getting ready pictures all day long!

 What a stunning dress!

 Their ceremony was a small simple wedding.  I always like the small ones, I can concentrate so much more on the bride and the groom.  And yet, it still happens so fast, it's like doing the time warp with I do's.  It all happens so fast!  And it doesn't matter if the ceremony is small or big, it all just happens too fast every time.

 I love these on the couch and by the windows!  

 These are just lovely of her mom doing the bustle on the dress!  The dress was so perfect for Lexi!

 These two are so cute!

 The softness of this light was so romantic and magical!  It was so perfect for this fall wedding!

 I love LOVE this one!

 These were perhaps the best cupcakes I have ever had!  It is a good thing I wasn't a guest, I definitely would have eaten more than my share.
 Lexi and Kash's wedding was a masquerade wedding, I was so over the top excited about it and couldn't wait!  It definitely was worth the wait!  I loved all the masks!  Lexi's dad had two, one with a wedding theme and one for the party.  It was so touching!

 I can only imagine all the fun they had planning this!  All the decorations and masks were fun and wonderful!  It had to be the most fun planning all this!
 I love their cake! It was so cute and perfect for them!

These toasts even had me laughing and crying!  I adore these families, they are such wonderful and caring people!

 The DJ for the wedding was one of the best I have ever worked with!  And all the dancing, fun and craziness that ensued was proof of that!  The dance floor was always full of crazy movement and people!  These were perhaps the hardest to sift through and only pick a few.  I could have done an entire blog on just the dancing!

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