Boulder High School Senior Pictures, Ariana

I am so glad that Ariana picked the CU campus to do her pictures!  It was so beautiful and perfect!  We had a lovely time strolling around the campus.  Ariana was so comfortable and happy.  She is such a sweet girl!  I did her sister's senior pictures and I really enjoy their family, they are wonderfully nice people!
 I love this bridge!  And the trees!  And all the colors!
 I love these with the umbrella!

 I love these steps!  And she looks so fantastic!  I love how the wind was blowing her hair a little!
 I love her serious look!

 I really love this spot!  I think I could take it home and take pictures here everyday!
 I love, love these!  The colors are so fantastic!  And Ariana looks so amazing here!

 I love Ariana's smile, it is so beautiful!

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