Broomfield Senior Pictures, Brodie

I was so tired on the morning we did Brodie's Senior Pictures, the night before I had been in Boulder doing Senior Pictures and I didn't get home until after 9pm.  So that early morning 'get up and do it again' alarm was very unwelcome.  But the minute Brodie and his mom walked up they were upbeat, excited and obviously awake.  And it wore off on me!  I love when people show up excited!  I quickly forgot how tired I was.  
Brodie was just awesome!  He was so upbeat and has a great sense of humor - especially at the barn...  You'll see why....

 How I have been so lucky to have 2 Seniors running through water is beyond me!  I love it!
 There is this barn.  It is a super fabulous barn that I wish I could purchase and turn into an event center!  It is marvelous.  Well, it was until this day...  Brodie's mom was walking around inside and announces that there are doll heads (queue the screaming from all doll head haters) in the corners of the barn.  And as if that isn't creepy enough - someone has drawn faces on them with sharpie, they are porcelain heads and one head is actually a doll and hanging from one of the rafters (WARNING! there is an image below.)  Maybe we should have ran... But we didn't.  Hind sight tells me we should have.  Nothing happened, no snakes, owls, bats or hidden homeless people armed with sharpies jumped out at us.  But in a horror movie.... Well, things would have been different.

As you can see, he is still happy and not creeped out.  Perhaps I should have done some with him screaming and running for his life...  But that would be a whole different kind of Senior Picture Session...

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