Denver Portrait Photography, The fabulous Wells family

Meet the Wells family!  They are wonderful, exciting, fun to hang out with, full of surprises, great sense of humor and just so incredibly adorable!  I love doing their sessions (and the talking too!)  So much fun!
 Love the shoes Jackson!
 Jackson was really more interested in goofing off, while Finley was more interested in what he was doing and mom and dad wanted to take pictures - or that's what they wanted me to believe.  Mmmmm...

 Jackson thought it was sooooo funny that I put the above bunny on my head, and I know some of you are wondering where that picture is...  Ah, the perks of being behind the camera!

 He found an egg!

 Finley in her beautiful dress!

 I'm thinking he will grow up to be some kind of director!  Go Jackson!

 I may just have to print this one and put it on my wall!  Love it!
And this one!
 And these!

 And then the grandparents jumped in because it looked so fun!  He-he!
 There was lots of putting on and taking off of shoes.  I'm pretty sure his brother was just trying to help or that's what he wanted everyone to think...
 Aren't they cute?

 And here's the whole bunch of them!  And believe it or not everyone's eyes are open!
And here is a lot of horsing around!


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