Golden High School Pictures, Ryan

And it's time to get back to work now that the kids (kid, there's just 1 left... how did this happen?? And why I still think I have more than 1 I am responsible for... I'm not sure how that happened...) are back in school.  I am groggy and am already missing sleeping in an extra hour.  It actually feels like I was up until 2am when I really went to bed early in preparation for this awfulness.
Anyway, enough about my sad back to school day!  I have finally blogged Ryan's Senior Pictures!  And what an awesome kid (young man!)!  I have been so lucky to have so many High School Seniors that are talkative, relatable, smart, down to earth and fun!  Ryan was all these things - and very motivated!  He has wanted to be in the Astronomy field since he was in first grade and he is on track to doing that!  I have a feeling he is brilliant! And he brought his guitar, which was so much fun!  I love it when they bring props!

 We were just doing a mini Senior Picture session, but when I saw the river, I added a few poses.  It's not all the time you get to have frozen water and a bit of snow for Senior Pictures.  I really love these!

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