Denver Family Pictures, Jennifer and Lou

What a fun family full of laughter!  They were so comfortable with each other!  The kids were so happy together - not normal I gather from their parent's comment of "why are they being sweet to each other now??"  But either way, I thought they were adorable and I am so glad they were getting along so well!

 Oh my goodness!  These kids!  And those colors!  I could have stayed here all day with these two!
 That look!  That boy is such a kidder!

 And here, the light!  And the amazingly cuddly family!  This is best!

 Obviously, we did pictures at Union Station and it was such a wonderful session!  It wasn't too busy for Union Station and people were so nice to stop while I was taking pictures.  

 I love these of them just hanging out telling stories, you can see how close they are.

 I love these two!  They were a total treat to photograph!

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