Denver Portrait Photography, Andrea and her lovely kids

We did these by the Denver Art Museum, one of my favorite places to take pictures!  It is so diverse!  There are angles and cool spots by the museum, trees and pretty flowers, colorful chairs nearby and a huge piece of art on the lawn! There is so much going on in such a small place!  Perfect for a toddler! 
I have known these kids for a few years, mostly through plays they have been in with my son.  Arcadia was Ed in Lion King and my son was Banzai, so we spent a lot of time at rehearsals together.  Arcadia was a fabulous Ed and she has been fabulous in every roll she has been in!  And her brother Ken has been in a few plays too, I haven't seen him in all of them, but the ones I have seen him in, he has been fantastic.  Andrea is so lucky to have such talented kids!
 I love these chairs.  They are a bit wobbly and precarious to sit on, but we managed to get a few pictures with an equally wobbly toddler!
 Such love!

 I love this squinty smile!  So cute!
 Now before you get all in a bunch that there are 2 of Arcadia and only 1 of Ken, there are so many of Ken at the end being a goof!  So, it's ok that he just gets 1 right now.
 I love these with all three of them!  There a some definite wheels turning in those heads.  Thoughts of escape and thoughts of trying to stay ahead of the escape thoughts and trying to thwart those thoughts.  It didn't work.

 Ken was either hungry or channeling Golem... I'm not really sure which...  It could have been a little bit of both.

 Again, I'm not sure exactly what was going on.... we were trying to get him to smile a real smile, so this may have been a jazz hands moment or a pause and explanation moment...
 "Look I'm smiling!"  Ken


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