Prairie View High School Senior Pictures, Hayley

Hayley was such a trooper!  She had a possible torn ACL - for the second time - and we walked all over the place!  And not only did we walk everywhere, she was in front of me almost the entire time.  Those crutches are amazing if you use them right!  She is really bummed that she can't play basketball, but I hope she gets better soon!
 What a beautiful day we had!

 I love this one! I am not sure why, but it is so wonderful!

 I love these with the guitar!  I love that she brought things that meant so much to her!
 I had done Hayley's sister Brooke's senior pictures a few years ago and I could tell Brooke loved her sister so much!  They have this funny thing they do (below) and Hayley was so excited to do it too!  And Hayley adored her sister just as much!  They are so lucky to have each other!

 I love this one!
 Hayley took us to this spot where she walks her dog, it was so beautiful!  I am so glad she shared this spot with me!
 Hayley was just amazing and awesome!  She was willing to do just about anything!  And she was so confident!  I love to see young women that are so sure of themselves!
 I love how these turned out!  The colors all worked out so well!

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