Denver Graduation Photography, Daniel

A big huge congratulations to Daniel!  He just graduated from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical School with a Masters in physiology (I think that's right... Daniel sorry if it was something else!)  For anyone who has their Masters, they will know how hard that is!  I have a Masters, definitely not in physiology! And it was hard! Lots of late nights, blurry eyes, fuzzy brains and frozen hands over the keyboard. Watch out world!  Because he is coming!
I did Daniel's senior pictures six years ago and looking back at them I can see how he has grown up so much!

 Daniel and his mom!  She is so proud!

 I love these with the doors!
 Daniel and his brother - both great boys!
 I love this one!

 This one totally cracked me up! Even as adults, they are still like siblings!

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